Sheep's Milk Cheese Trio

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Sheep's Milk Cheese Trio
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Saxelby's Sheep Cheese Trio is comprised of three 100% sheep's milk cheeses from our favorite Vermont producers. This unique and limited run collection captures the finest of the season - sheep give milk each year from about May through September; the cheeses made from their milk are a perfect expression of the pastures of summer. At Saxelby Cheesemongers we receive our first sheep cheeses of the season in late summer. By mid-winter each year, we've sold through the previous season's production and have to wait until the following summer for more! At this time of year the cheeses are aged to perfection... they pack a greater flavor punch than their younger selves did, and are truly complex and ready to savor!

Each trio includes Verano - a dense, grassy and caramelly cheese from Vermont Shepherd, Coomersdale - a rustic, buttery tomme that tastes of fruit, yogurt, and cracked black pepper from Bonnieview Farm, and Weston Wheel - a sweet and floral cheese with a firm-yet-smooth texture from Woodcock Farm.

Contains 1lb of cheese, serves 6-8. Cut wedges of cheese can be stored in your refrigerator for 4-6 weeks. For optimal storage, keep your cheese wrapped in our Saxelby cheese paper.