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Consider Bardwell Farm

slyboro cheese, aged goat cheese, saxelby cheese
  • goat
  • raw
  • vegetable
  • strong
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This cheese was made especially for Saxelby Cheesemongers! The creamy, semi-firm wheels are washed in hard apple cider from Slyboro Cider House, located in Granville, NY, just a stone's throw from Consider Bardwell Farm. The cider wash imparts a distinctly fruity and pungent flavor to the rich, musky goats' milk cheese. Depending on the season Slyboro is crafted either from Nubian goats' milk sourced from a partner farm of Consider Bardwell, which is considerably richer in butterfat, or in the summer months, from Consider Bardwell Farm's own herd. Aged 75-90 days.

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Please note that all cheeses are cut to order in half pound increments, meaning that there will be a slight variance in weight. Rest assured you'll never receive less than the quantity you order, but you might score a little bit more!

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