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Spring Bloom

Saxelby Cheese

Spring Bloom
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When spring is in the air, fresh goat and sheep's milk cheeses are making their return to cheese counters around the country. Why is that? Goats and sheep breed in the fall when the days grow shorter, and give birth in the springtime when the weather is more hospitable to kids and lambs running amok.

Spring milk has a ton of butterfat and protein in it because it’s designed to grow kids and lambs.  This milk makes delicious cheese that is different from any made during the rest of the season, and there is a window of just a few weeks per year when cheeses are made from this milk.

Includes one wheel of each cheese and a Saxelby's branded knife and cheese journal. Totals approximately 1.5 lb of cheese.

Bonaparte - a riff on the famed French goat cheese Valencay, Bonaparte is a truncated pyramid of soft-ripened goats’ milk cheese dusted with vegetable ash.

Summer Snow - a sheep's milk brie that is as supple and silky as the first dew drops of spring.

Cowles - a bloomy rind goat's milk cheese with a thin layer of ash giving it a tangy bite.