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The Cheesehead

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The Cheesehead
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It's not called 'America's Dairyland' for nothing folks! Saxelby's 'Cheesehead' collection features three cheeses from Wisconsin's best artisan cheesemakers. Includes Marieke Overjarige Gouda - a rich, dense, and caramelly gouda made by Netherlands-native Marieke Penterman, Pleasant Ridge Reserve - a firm, nutty, and slightly sharp Alpine-style cheese that is one of the winningest cheeses in American artisan cheese history, and Hook's Blue - a tangy, peppery blue with a hint of fruity sweetness from Hook's Cheese Company. Even this largely East-Coast-based company has to admit - there's just something special about Wisconsin!

Includes three half pound wedges of cheese. Serves up to 10 for a party, or stock up and savor over the course of a few weeks! Cut wedges of cheese can be stored in your refrigerator for 4-6 weeks. For optimal storage, keep your cheese wrapped in our Saxelby cheese paper.