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The Vermonter

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The Vermonter
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When it comes to cheese, Vermont's the place! There's just something in the milk up there... (or maybe it's the water? the grass? the air? or maybe it's the sum of all those parts!!) The Vermonter includes three delicious cheeses and a block of cultured butter, all sourced from farms we visit regularly on our trips to the Green Mountain State. Includes over 1lb of cheese and 8oz of butter. Cheeses (and butter!) included are:

Goat Tomme - an earthy, semi-firm raw goats' milk cheese from Twig Farm that tastes of sweet cream, goat musk, pine resin and earth. One of our perennial favorites - available from July through mid-winter each year.

Alpha Tolman - a robust and hearty raw cows' milk Alpine-style cheese from Jasper Hill Farm. Alpha Tolman was named after a Greensboro dairyman who donated the town library in the early 20th century. The flavor is oniony, brothy, and slightly caramelized. The perfect bite for a blustery winter day.

Verano - a fruity and caramelly raw sheep's milk cheese made in the style of the millennia old cheeses from the Pyrenees. Named for the spanish word for 'summer' when the sheep are producing milk (and by association, cheese!)

Ploughgate Creamery Salted Cultured Butter - this newcomer to the Vermont dairy scene is a decadent sidekick for your favorite loaf of bread. Butter maker Marisa Mauro cultures the cream for 48 hours before churning it and kneading the blocks of butter by hand. The result - a moist, tangy butter that is complex as a wedge of cheese.

Includes over 1 lb of cheese and 8oz of butter. Serves up to 10 people.