August 2021 Cheese of the Month Club Selections

The height of summer is a cheesemonger's favorite time of year. All three types of milk are flowing (cow, goat and sheep) and the diversity of styles of cheese available to us is at its zenith. That made it extra tough to single out three cheeses for this month's club, but these three are a perfect trio of different flavors, textures, and milk types. Read on to learn about this month's selections and cheesemaker profiles, or sign up to receive this month's club!


Moses Sleeper - brie-style cow's milk cheese from Jasper Hill Farm

Moses Sleeper

Jasper Hill Farm - Greensboro, Vermont

Moses Sleeper was Greensboro’s own local Revolutionary war hero, and is the inspiration for this decadent and buttery cheese. The undulating fluffy folds of bloomy rind encase a creamy, pudding-like paste that tastes of cauliflower, truffles, and barnyard. Aged 4-6 weeks in the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm. 

Pairing Notes: Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Vermentino, dry cider, light earthy reds like Gamay and Cabernet Franc



Lake Breeze - goat cheese from Blakesville Creamery

Lake Breeze

Blakesville Creamery - Port Washington, Wisconsin

A lactic set disc of bloomy rind goat cheese ripened with geotrichum candidum (the yeast responsible for those gorgeous wrinkly rinds), giving the rind a nutty, yeasty flavor profile. Tastes of fresh cream and tart yogurt with just a hint of goat musk. Blakesville Creamery is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, and this fresh, tart cheese is evocative of the fresh, crisp summer breezes that blow in from the Lake! 


Pairing notes: sparkling wines (rose is especially nice!) white wines like lightly oaked Chardonnay and Muscadet, lighter bodied red wines like Gamay and Pinot Noir, wheat beer, Saison-style beer, pilsners.


Marieke Overjarige Gouda - extra aged raw cow's milk gouda cheese from Marieke Gouda

Marieke Overjarige Gouda

Holland’s Family Cheese - Thorp, Wisconsin

Marieke Penterman and her family relocated from the Netherlands to the nether regions of northern Wisconsin to pursue their cheesemaking dreams. They produce an array of award-winning goudas that would make their cousins across the pond blush! The cheese is crafted from the milk of Holstein-Fresian cows, the breed developed for its dairying prowess in Holland. Each wax-coated wheel is aged for over two years, during which time it develops a dense, firm paste and a caramelly sweet, grassy flavor. The interior of the cheese is studded with crystalline crunchy bits known as tyrosine, which are clusters of protein that calcify during the aging process. Holland’s Family Cheese ages these premium wheels specially for Saxelby Cheese - the two year age profile is a rare and delicious treat! 

Pairing Notes: Malty amber and brown ales, Belgian dubbel beers, rich red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel, Bourbon


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