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Q: Trouble Logging In / Resetting Password?

A: Call 718-260-8660 between 8am-4pm EST and we'll help you log back into your account! If you need to place your order right away, we suggest placing the order with an alternate email address.

Q: Can I add a Gift Message?

A: Yes! During the checkout process you'll be prompted to choose whether the shipment is a gift or not. If you select 'gift' you'll be prompted to enter a gift message. If you have already checked out, just send an email to with your order number and your gift note and we'll reply to confirm.

Q: Do You Sell Gift Cards?

A: Yes! Please note that gift cards that are purchased through our online store may only be redeemed for online purchases. To purchase a gift card for our retail store in the Chelsea Market please call the store directly at 646-892-3077.

Q: How Do I Check The Balance of My Online Gift Card?

A: To check the balance of your online gift card, you can add items to your cart and then enter your gift card number on the checkout page to see how much is available to apply to your order. You can also call us at 718-260-8660 between the hours of 8am-4pm EST and we can verify it for you.

Q: How Are Monthly Cheese Club Recipients Notified of Their Gifts?

A: We invite you to download a Welcome Letter from the Cheese of the Month Club product page to present to the recipient.

Q: When Do Monthly Cheese Clubs Ship Out?

A: Cheese of the Month Clubs and Cheese & Chocolate of the Month Clubs are shipped on the next shipping day after your order is placed (we ship Monday-Thursday) unless you select a different ship date with the date picker function at checkout.

If you select a different date for your first shipment, subsequent shipments will be shipped 30 days from the date your order was placed. You'll receive an email from us 5 days before the monthly package ships. Please give us a heads up if you would like to delay your shipment for any reason. 

To make changes to your subscription, log into the customer portal which is accessible via your order confirmation email. If you need help, please contact us via email at or at 718-260-8660.

Connoisseur’s Clubs ship 4 times annually according to the schedule posted on the product page . 

If you will be out of town when your club is due to arrive, you must email us at to arrange an alternate delivery date. 

Q: How Do I Cancel My Cheese of the Month Club?

A: You can make changes to your Cheese of the Month Club subscription anytime through the subscription portal via the 'my account' page or the subscription confirmation email.

Q: Do Shipments Include a Printed Receipt with Pricing?

A: All shipments are shipped with an itemized packing slip detailing what's in the box. Pricing is NOT listed on the packing slip.



For shipping questions, please refer to our 'Shipping' page.



For cheese care questions, please refer to our 'Cheese Care' page. 

Q: How should my cheese look and smell upon arrival?

A: Cheese is a living product, and depending on the variety, cheeses have a wide range of textures, flavors, and aromas. It is not atypical for your package to have a strong smell upon arrival. This smell should dissipate slowly once the package has been opened. Cheese produces ammonia as a byproduct during aging, and even a short trip in a confined space can amplify that (and other!) aromas.

More often than not when regards smell, the bark is worse than the bite! Just because a cheese smells strong does not always mean that it will taste strong. Let your tastebuds be your guide - try a bit and see what you think!  

Q: What should I do if my cheese shipment arrives warm?

A: Cheese is a fermented product (and was invented essentially as a way for humans to turn milk into something less perishable!) so rest assured the cheese does not ‘go bad’ if it is held under warmer conditions, rather it just ripens more quickly. 

Firm cheeses are barely affected if they are held at warmer temperatures. They might sweat a bit of butterfat and feel slightly softer to the touch, but they are very sturdy and durable.

Softer cheeses are more likely to experience a bigger change in texture (i.e. from soft to very soft) and flavor (i.e. a bit stronger) if they’re held at warmer temperatures. But again, that doesn’t mean the cheese has gone bad, it simply means it’s more ripe. We like to think of it in terms of bananas… a perfectly ripe banana is pure yellow, and a slightly riper banana has brown spots. Your soft cheese after 12-24 hours at warmer temperatures is like the banana with spots… slightly softer in texture, slightly stronger in flavor, but definitely still edible!

If you receive a shipment of cheeses that arrives a bit warm our advice is this - put the cheese in the fridge to cool it down, and when serving it let your taste buds be your guide as to whether it’s too strong for you or not. Of course if you’re not comfortable eating the cheese, then by all means don’t, but we’re here to tell you that cheese is sturdier than you think it is!



For more information on our wholesale department, visit our 'Wholesale' page.




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