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Animal Farm

Animal Farm Butter
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Every year Saxelby Cheesemongers has the privilege of bringing you butter from Animal Farm, a small dairy farm in Orwell Vermont. Diane St Clair produces this exceptional cultured butter from her herd of ten Jersey cows. Throughout the year Ms. St Clair ships all of her butter to acclaimed chef Thomas Keller, owner of The French Laundry and Per Se. But for a few butterfat-filled weeks each year, Diane sends her butter to Saxelby Cheesemongers!  This normally only happens around the holidays, but this year we have a special summer butter release!

Is butter different in the summer? In a word; yes!  Summer butter is made from milk of pastured cows who've spent their days lolling about in the sun and munching down on grasses, wild flowers, herbs, and whatever else happens to grow in the fields on Diane's property!  Because the animals are living on a grass-based diet (as opposed to the grain and hay-based diet of the winter), the milk has much more carotene in it, resulting in a butter that is brilliantly yellow!  Summer milk is also lower in fat and proteins (a reason why cows love grains so much!) because the cows are subsisting on a grass-based diet. This results in a butter that is considerably lighter and airier than its winter counterpart.  This whimsical, ethereal butter will melt on your tongue and leave you in butterfat heaven.

What makes Animal Farm butter better? Start with the fact that it's made from Jersey cream, which contains over 87% butterfat. Diane hand skims the cream with a ladle instead of relying on a mechanical separator, which keeps the precious fat globules in pristine condition. After the cream has been separated, Diane cultures it for 24 hours using her own buttermilk as a starter. The cream is then churned and kneaded by hand until Diane deems it perfect and ready for the table.

Each package contains one pound of butter (4 small rolls at 4 ounces each) The butter can be eaten fresh (which is what we recommend!) or frozen for up to six months. For more information on how this delectable butter is made, listen to Episode 88 of Cutting the Curd, featuring Diane St. Clair and Harold McGee.

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