The Grey Barn and Farm

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Photo Credits: Molly Glasgow

The Grey Barn and Farm was founded in 2009 by Eric and Molly Glasgow on Martha’s Vineyard in Chilmark, Massachusetts. The Grey Barn produces an array of award-winning cheeses from their certified organic, grass-fed cow’s milk. They also operate a farm stand where they sell their cheese, bread, eggs, meat, vegetables, and pickles and preserves. The Grey Barn’s mission is to create incredible food and give back to the land and the community that makes their island so special in the process.

The cows at the Grey Barn are a unique bunch - a blend of hardy Dutch Belted and Normande genetics, they were selected for their ability to produce both milk and meat. Dutch Belted cows are the Oreo cookie of dairy cows - they are black with a big white belt circling around their middles. Normande cows are truly a dual-purpose breed known for their superior milk and for their rich marbling as beef. The Grey Barn is one of the few entirely grass based dairies in the country, meaning that the cows rely on the nutrition provided by the pasture in the summer and dry hay in the winter. Grass fed milk is naturally higher in beneficial omega three fatty acids, which have been shown to have myriad health benefits, so you can feel good about eating more cheese! You can tell a grass fed cheese from it’s golden yellow coloring; the cows convert the carotenes in grass into a rich yellow color which shows in the interior of the cheese. 

Photo Credits: Molly Glasgow

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