Boston Post Dairy

Enosburg Falls, Vermont

Boston Post Dairy got its name due to the fact that the route of the old Boston Post stagecoach road runs straight through the farm. Robert and Gisele Gervais and their family have been farming there since 1962. In 2007, Robert, Gisele and four of their daughters - Anne, Susan, Theresa, and Annette (they have 15 children in all!) bought the Boston Post Dairy and began making farmstead cheese there. The farm is home to 200 milking goats - a mix of Toggenburg, Alpine, La Mancha and Oberhasli, and 90 cows - mostly Holstein and Brown Swiss, that produce the milk for their award-winning cheeses.

The farm is relatively small - about 80 acres in total, most of which is pastureland. The dry hay used to supplement the animals' diet of pasture is produced by sever. . . Show More >

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