Goat Lady Dairy

Climax, North Carolina

Back in 1995, Ginnie Tate aka 'The Goat Lady', her brother Steve, and his wife Lee began a lifelong labor of love of converting a 200 year old tobacco farm in the North Carolina Piedmont into a working goat dairy and cheesemaking operation. In addition to making phenomenal cheeses - Steve, Ginnie, and their staff share their love of making good food with their neighbors through regular farm events and dinners featuring their cheeses and other local producers' agricultural products. Today they are one of the largest goat dairies in the region, and are turning out some of the best cheeses these mongers have ever tasted! In addition to goats milk cheeses, Goat Lady Dairy also produces some cows' milk cheeses from the milk of neighboring Lindale Farm.<. . . Show More >

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