Green Mountain Blue Cheese


The Boucher Family, proprietors of Green Mountain Blue Cheese, has called the St Lawrence River Valley home for fourteen generations - nearly 400 years. Pierre Boucher was originally granted an allotment (or seigniorie) in New France, which eventually became Quebec. In the 1940's Rene Boucher moved the family farm to Vermont, and today two of his grandsons, Daniel and Denis run the farm, milking 140 Holstein, French Normandy, and Guernsey dairy cows.

Dawn Boucher, Daniel's wife, was searching for a way to make her own business on the farm, and in 1998 began making blue cheese from the farm's high quality raw milk. The business expanded rapidly, and she now produces over 300 pounds of cheese per week. In addition to making cheese, the farm produces meat, butter, sunflower oil, and pastured eggs for local markets.

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