Hidden Springs Creamery


Hidden Springs Creamery came about as a bit of a surprise to Brenda Jenkins and her husband Dean. After they both retired from fruitful 'traditional' careers, they moved west to the beautiful Driftless region of Wisconsin, which is named for its incredibly unique topography - a result of the glaciers not having leveled the landscape. Dean wanted to farm with draft horses, and Brenda was a happy co-conspirator in his dream.

It all began with a few sheep - 50 to be exact. Dean brought the sheep home, and as soon as Brenda got her hands on the milk (Or was it their udders? It's a bit of a chicken and egg proposition) she was hooked. They now have over 500 ewes that they breed using a staggered system that allows them to make milk and cheese year round. Sustainabi. . . Show More >

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