Old Chatham Sheepherding Co

Old Chatham, New York

Old Chatham Sheepherding Company was founded in 1993 by Nancy and Tom Clark in the beautiful and historic village of Old Chatham, New York. The farm began as a 600 acre sheep dairy, and it soon became the largest sheep dairy in the United States - producing an award-winning line of cheeses and yogurts. The Clarks managed the farm from sheep to cheese for over twenty years, before selling to Dave and Sally Galton in 2014. The Galtons have continued the Clark's vision, continuing to produce top quality artisan dairy products.

Old Chatham's sheep are now housed at a state of the art facility in New York's Finger Lakes region. The flock now numbers at over 2,100 and is fed a combination of locally raised grasses and grains. The milk is transported fresh from the farm to the creamery to be transformed into yogurt and cheese.

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