St Germain

Blakesville Creamery

St Germain, aged goat cheese from Blakesville Creamery
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Blakesville Creamery is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in southeastern Wisconsin, and head cheesemaker Veronica Pedraza transforms the milk of their herd into a delectable array of soft-ripened and aged goat’s milk cheeses. St Germain is a  goat's milk tomme (tomme refers to medium-aged, semi-firm cheeses with rustic natural rinds) with a delicate, nutty, earthy and floral flavor. This cheese will win over even those who are most skeptical goat cheese with it's mellow musky milky vibes. Pairing Notes: bright, acidic white wines like Txakoli and Gewurztraminer, light, earthy red wines like Cabernet Franc and Arbois, dry cider, pilsners, IPA’s


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