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Now in a larger 2 LB wheel! A succulent and buttery brie-style cheese named for the mountain peak above the vonTrapp Farmstead. Mt Alice is creamy and lovable, at home on a cheese board, tucked into a sandwich with sliced meat, or baked in the oven with preserves for a decadent treat. When young, the cheese is tender and mellow with bright, milky, lactic, and mushroomy flavors. As it ages the paste becomes more supple and gooey, and the flavors intensify to include notes of brassica and a pleasant hint of barnyard! Pairing notes: Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Vermentino, dry cider, light earthy reds like Gamay and Cabernet Franc

The von Trapp family (of The Sound of Music fame) took up residence in Vermont after the second World War, and chose the farm because the location reminded them of the landscape of their native Austria. They have been practicing regenerative agriculture on their farm since 1959, and have been making artisan cheese since 2009. The dairy farm is now run by the founders’ grandchildren, who decided to add value to their family’s herd of certified organic cows by making artisan cheese. 

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