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Artisan Butter Collection

Saxelby Cheese

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If you can believe it, we love butter almost as much as we love cheese!! Our butter producers take care to use only rich, delicious grass-fed cream and craft each block by hand. Whether it's gracing a slice of your favorite sourdough or finishing off a dry-aged steak, these butters are sure to turn anything they touch to gold! Collection includes:

Trickling Springs Unsalted Butter, 8oz - made from grass fed cream from a network of over 35 family farms. All of Trickling Springs' products are minimally processed using low-temperature pasteurization in order to maintain all of the good qualities inherent to the cream.

Ploughgate Creamery Salted Cultured Butter, 8ozPloughgate Creamery grass-fed butter is made from fresh Vermont cream sourced from the Monument Dairy in Weybridge. The cream is cultured for 24 hours before being churned, giving the butter a distinct tangy, nutty, and slightly cheesy flavor.

Kriemhild Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter, 1lb - Kreimhild Dairy is a farmer-owned creamery located in Central New York. Kreimhild believes that grass fed dairy is the way to better human health and environmental health too. Their 85% sweet cream butter is dense, decadent, and rich.

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