Consider Bardwell Farm

West Pawlet, Vermont

Consider Bardwell Farm is a rolling, 300 acre farm that spans New York's Washington County and the southernmost reaches of Vermont's Champlain Valley. The farm is the site of Vermont's first cheesemaking cooperative, founded in 1864 by Consider Bardwell Stebbins. Over a century later, Angela Miller, a literary agent, and Russell Glover, an architect, reincarnated the farm's cheesy origins with their incredible array of goat and cows' milk cheeses.

The goat milk used to craft Consider Bardwell's cheeses comes from their own herd of Oberhaslis, and the cows milk comes from two neighboring partner farm families - the Brooks and the Browes. The animals are grazed rotationally on the farms' ample pasture, and the cheese are aged in Consider Bardwell's extensive . . . Show More >

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