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Saxelby's Connoisseur's Club is for the true curd nerd who seeks the most special and exciting products! Four times a year, we'll ship a curated selection of cheese designed to illuminate the wonderful, seasonal world of cheese! You’ll get the absolute best each season has to offer, in a way that provides a deep dive into different aspects of cheesemaking. Delivered four times annually: In February, May, August, and November.  On average, each box contains 1.5 pounds of cheese.

Spring: Cheese is in the Air- Spring is in the air and so are light and airy cheeses! The Spring Connoisseur’s Club selection celebrates what the cool, yet warm, spring breezes have to offer: fatty, protein-rich goat’s milk that gives way to fluffy and delectable bloomy rind cheeses, and dippable, spreadable, crave-able fresh cheeses that are perfect for turn-of-the-season indulgence. When the air starts to get warmer, cows, goats, and sheep have their young, so their milk is extra jam-packed with the nutrients their babies need. It’s a big win for their little guys, but also a big win for cheese! Not to mention the very start of the animals returning to pasture to graze on their favorite grasses and herbs. Shipping the week of May 20th. The Spring 2024 selection includes-- 

Hummingbird: An exclusive-to-the-Connoisseur's Club selection from The Farm at Doe Run! It's a delicate, gooey Robiola-style round, made with both Jersey cows' milk and the milk of East Friesian ewes. 

Sandy Creek: Tart, chalky, lactic, and super seasonal! Spring goat's milk makes these ashed pucks sing. 

Seasonal Selection from Lazy Lady Farm: Laini Fondiller is the real pioneer of American artisan goats' milk cheeses. Her farm, which has been around for about 40 years, is completely solar and wind-powered, and continues to produce exemplary cheese. May is when she starts having her bloomy goat options available, so look out for one of those in this month's box! 


  • The cost of shipping is included in the cost of the club.
  • Orders placed before Monday 5/13 will receive the Winter shipment the week of November 13th. 
  • Orders placed after Monday 5/13 will receive the Spring shipment in May. 

Summer: Product of the Pasture- In the springtime, cows, goats, and sheep can once again graze on fresh pasture. Then in the summer, seasonal cheeses made from this pasture-fed milk are finished aging and available to the public! Pasture-fed milk is truly special, so special that some dairies, Meadow Creek for example, only make cheese when their animals are on pasture. Nutrients from the fresh grass, and other meadow plants in the pasture, give body and nuance to cheese that can’t be found anywhere else. Your summer Connoisseur’s Club shipment will feature two noteworthy, seasonally available, pasture-fed cheeses, plus two fun additions that we’re super excited about right now. Shipping in August, date and selection TBD.

Fall: Cheese as it Ages- Affinage, the art of aging cheese, is one of the most magical parts of the cheesemaking process. Everyone knows age is paramount in winemaking, and the world of cheese is no different. Many cheesemakers offer different age profiles of their cheeses, and in this Connoisseur’s Club shipment, you get to taste them side by side, to see how their flavors develop, change, and intensify. Shipping in November, date and selection TBD.  

Winter: Fireside Cheeses- The snowy depths of winter are some of the most wonderful times to enjoy cheese. Gooey and rich, raclette and bark-wrapped bloomy wheels draw friends and family together like nothing else! This shipment, which includes two cheeses that are only available in the wintertime, will make you feel warm and cozy before it even hits your doorstep. Shipping in February, date and selection TBD.

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