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American Cheddar Flight

Saxelby Cheese

American Cheddar Flight
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Cheddar may have originated in the British Isles, but at Saxelby Cheesemongers we like to think that the Americans have really nailed it on the cheddar front. With so many varieties and styles to choose from, we've created a roundup of all our favorites!

Includes four hand cut wedges: Shelburne 2yr Cheddar - a tangy and classically sharp block cheddar from Vermont, Dunbarton Blue - a butterscotch-y and peppery cheddar/blue hybrid from Roelli Cheese, Vault 5 - a cave-aged cheddar from Jasper Hill Farm, and Cabot Clothbound - quite possibly the king of American cheddars. Includes over 1 lb of cheese and serves 6-10 people.

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