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Nettle Meadow Farm

Kunik ripened goat cheese
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Kunik is a dreamy mold-ripened goats' milk cheese spiked with fresh Jersey cream in the Adirondack Mountains at Nettle Meadow Farm. When young, Kunik has the texture of cold butter, and is light, tangy, and similar to crème-fraîche in flavor. As it ripens, it becomes more supple, loose, and gamey, the goat cheese flavors becoming more assertive. Kunik is delightful at any state of ripeness, and deserves a much-coveted place in your belly. As we like to say here at Saxelby Cheese, it's kind of like gelato with a rind. Each wheel weighs in at 4oz and is aged 4-6 weeks.

Try Kunik with our wildflower honey or quince and apple-fig black tea jam for an extra sweet treat.

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Sherri Vinton
Kunik rocks!

My favorite. Should have gone for the bigger wheel as we were fighting over it.

Oddly, I had run through another cheese shop in NYC on my way to the train and tried to grab a Kunik. What they handed me had a yellow rind—not at all what I was used to in this cheese. Monger couldn’t explain it so I thought it was just crazy overripe and passed it by.

But I learned on your website that some Kunik wheels are now being washed. Mystery solved! Thanks, as always, for the tasty cheese and the edification!

Thanks for taking the time to share you thoughts!

Yes, Amber Kunik, the golden-rinded one, is washed Adirondack beer and bourbon. It's bold and unique!

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