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winnimere cheese, bark wrapped cheese
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Winnimere is made from the winter milk of Mateo and Andy Kehler's herd of Ayrshire cows up at Jasper Hill Farm. During the winter months, the butterfat in the milk skyrockets, as the cows are mostly in the barn, protected from the harsh elements of the northeast kingdom of Vermont. These conditions are perfect for making Winnimere, a washed rind cheese like brie or camembert that is most reminiscent of the famous French Vacherin Mont D'Or. It sports a balsa bark girdle to hold all that creaminess in, as well as to augment the cheese's natural woodsy, pungent and smoky aromatics. Tastes of mustard, smoked meat, juniper, and wine. Aged 60 days or more.

Winnimere is available on a seasonal basis - from January through April each year.

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