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When FDA decided to blacklist raw milk Morbier cheese from France, we cheesemongers nearly cried. Little did we know that the team at Spring Brook Farm was working behind the scenes to craft a new American artisan original that can go toe to toe with the French! Ashbrook is supple and creamy in texture, and the flavor is fruity and funky with just a hint of vegetal sourness. In homage to Morbier, each wheel contains a line of vegetable ash (maritime pine ash if you’d really like to know!) running through the center of the paste and is aged for at least 3 months by Spring Brook FarmThis cheese is wonderful on a cheese board, scrumptious with charcuterie, and melts like no other, making it a real chameleon in the kitchen. Pairing notes: Riesling, Moscato, Cotes du Rhone, Pinot Noir, dry ciders, pale ales

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