Rupert Reserve

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Rupert Reserve
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Move over Gruyere… here comes Rupert, a regal, raw milk whale of a wheel of cheese from Consider Bardwell Farm. This grass fed cheese is a dense, fruity, butterscotchy, and nutty experience, with a well-honed flavor profile that extends on the palate long after the last bite. The Reserve wheels are aged for a minimum of twelve months to ensure that each bite is jam-packed with sharp, barnyardy goodness! Each 35 pound wheel of Rupert is stamped with a whale shape as well as the batch number when the curds are being pressed as an homage to its grandeur and heft. Pairing notes: slightly oxidized white wines like Vin Jaune, light crisp aromatic white wines like Gewurztraminer, Riesling, cider, bold fruity red wines like Gamay or Nebbiolo

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