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american cheese society winners quintet - five award-winning american artisan cheeses and 34 degrees crackers
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This year's crop of American Cheese Society winners has arrived! These cheeses all took home ribbons in their respective categories at the ACS Conference. At Saxelby Cheesemongers, we're proud to work with the finest cheesemakers in America! This award-winning collection includes:

Eleven Brothers - a semi-firm goat's milk gouda-style cheese from Boston Post Dairy that is malty, fruity, and musky with just a hint of sweetness. A wonderful table cheese, or equally delicious shaved over salad.

Cave Aged Cheddar - Hand-selected batches of Cabot Creamery's classic Vermont cheddar are aged in the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm where they develop a rustic, earthy rind and develop sharp, savory, and salted caramel flavors.

Wischago -  a firm, aged Manchego-style sheep's milk cheese from Hidden Springs Creamery in southwestern Wisconsin! Bold, buttery, minerally, and fruity.

Alpha Tolman - a rich, nutty, savory Alpine-style cow's milk cheese from Jasper Hill Farm that is perfect for snacking or for melting.

Ewe's Blue - a melt-in-your-mouth creamy, piquant sheep's milk blue from New York that is reminiscent of Roquefort. 

34 Degrees Crackers Unique and deliciously thin crisps that satisfy the need for a crunchy carbohydrate without being overly filling. Light, toasty, and mild - these crisps pair perfectly with just about any style of cheese. 

Includes over 1.5lbs of cheese and serves 10-12 people.

Please note that if any product(s) are out of stock we will substitute with something similar and equally delicious!

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