Spring Brook Tarentaise Reserve

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Spring Brook Tarentaise Reserve
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Spring Brook Tarentaise Reserve is a rare and delicious treat from Spring Brook Farm in Reading, Vermont. Tarentaise Reserve is cave aged for 12 months or more, and took home the prize of 'Best in Show' at the 2014 American Cheese Society awards! Tarentaise Reserve is crafted in the Alpine style, meaning that it follows the tradition of famed cheeses of the Alps like Gruyere, Beaufort, and Comte. Made from rich, raw Jersey cows' milk in a traditional copper vat, Tarentaise Reserve is rich, complex, and full-flavored - the extra aging coaxes flavors of onion, pineapple, toasted nuts, and freshly ground black pepper. Taste alongside Spring Brook Tarentaise to experience the nuances of affinage! 

Pairing notes: oxidized white vines like Vin Jaun, crisp white wines like Chenin Blanc and Vouvray, Madeira, Sherry, malty beers, dopple bock, softer red wines like Merlot

Recent Awards: ACS 2023, 3rd Place Farmstead cheeses aged 60 days or more less than 39% moisture made from cow's milk 

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