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Swallow tail tomme cheese
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A rustic, earthy raw cow’s milk tomme crafted by cheesemaker Melanie Webb at Stony Pond Farm. Melanie and her husband Tyler have been operating an organic dairy farm for 15 years, and started making cheese in 2019. Swallowtail Tomme reminds us mongers of Tomme de Savoie from France, with a supple, claylike texture, and a rind covered in downy gray and earthy brown molds endemic to the cheese cave. The flavor is delightfully lactic and buttery, with an earthy, savory, pine-y finish, making it a wonderful table cheese to snack on every day!

Pairing notes: Soft round white wines like white Burgundy, Lagers, IPA’s, juicy, earthy red wines like Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon

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