von Trapp Farmstead

vonTrapp Farmstead is now in its third generation, and is managed by Sebastian vonTrapp. Sebastian's grandparents (his 'Oma' and 'Opa') founded the farm in Vermont's beautiful Mad River Valley in the 1950's. The farm has been a dairy since 1959. Sebastian's parents took it upon themselves to convert their herd of 40 Jersey cows to organic, and now through cheesemaking, Sebastian has added another layer of value to this already superlative milk. The cows graze on pasture in the summer months, and are fed hay made on the farm in the winter. In 2009 the family built a creamery on the farm, and began to produce a cheese called Oma, a raw cows' milk, washed-rind cheese that is aged in the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm. They now produce a line of organic raw and pasteurized cow's milk cheese. . . Show More >

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