Woodcock Farm

Weston, Vermont

Woodcock Farm is owned by Mark and Gari Fischer in the town of Weston, Vermont. Woodcock Farm makes over ten varieties of cheese from the milk of their herd of East Frieisan ewes as well as from locally sourced Jersey cows' milk. Their daughter Sam is also involved with the business, both making cheese and selling it at local farmers markets. Mark and Gari found their way to Vermont after pursuing careers in the arts in New York City in the 1980's, and deciding that city life wasn't for them. After meeting David Major of Vermont Shepherd, Vermont's original sheep cheese maker, the Fischers learned about sheep dairying and cheesemaking and decided to give it a go. They now milk over 100 ewes in season, and produce high quality cheeses that began with a nod to European styles and techniques b. . . Show More >

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