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Group Orders / Virtual Tasting Kits

Let Saxelby Cheesemongers ship cheese and delicious accompaniments for your next virtual tasting event! Download a PDF of our Virtual Tasting Kit menu designed for group tastings.

Inquire about rates for a guided cheese tasting with one of our expert cheesemongers, or ask about our partnerships with local wine shops and wineries. 

To inquire about setting up a Virtual Tasting contact us via email:

saxelby cheeseboard

Lead time for orders

14 day lead time to process orders 

Shipping Information

We ship via FedEx Ground or Overnight service to arrive next day

Packages are shipped with insulated liners and ice packs to retain cold and maintain quality Cost of shipping not included in cost of packages

Gift notes

We provide gift notes and customized tasting notes / pairing suggestions with all packages


Casella’s Prosciutto ($15) Casella’s Soppressata Dolce ($14) Quince and Apple Mini Jams ($4.75) Flavors - Figs and Black Tea, Pear with Honey and Ginger, Tart Cherry and White Tea

Classic - $45

Includes approx. 16oz of cheese and 5oz crackers

Cave Aged Cheddar - nutty, sharp cave aged cheddar

Kunik - decadent, buttery triple cream 

Reading Raclette - fruity, versatile semi-firm cheese

Potter’s Organic Crackers


Premium - $65

Includes approx. 28oz of cheese and 5oz crackers

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar - savory, grassy cave aged cheddar

Spring Brook Tarentaise - robust, nutty, and sharp

Little Hosmer - soft, buttery Brie-style

Highlander - creamy aged Gouda

Wischago - semi-firm, fruity Manchego-style

Potter’s Organic Crackers


Deluxe - $85

Includes approx. 34oz of cheese and 5oz crackers

Alpha Tolman - toasty, nutty firm cheese

Kunik - decadent, buttery triple cream

Invierno - bright, tart sheep/cow blend

Ashbrook - smooth, fruity semi-firm cheese

Tres Bonne - malty, musky aged goat gouda

Highlander - creamy aged Gouda

Potter’s Organic Crackers


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