June 2022 Cheese of the Month Club Selections

June cheese of the month club selections

The June shipment of our monthly cheese club has three special cheeses you'll want to take your time with—including one not otherwise available for retail sale! Read on to learn about this month's selections and sign up to have this month's club shipped straight to your door!

Moses Sleeper from Jasper Hill Farm - Greensboro, VT

Moses Sleeper was Greensboro Vermont's own local Revolutionary War hero, and is the inspiration for this decadent and buttery washed rind cheese. Greensboro is home to Jasper Hill Farm, one of the best artisan cheese companies in the US, and indeed the world! The undulating fluffy folds of bloomy rind—think something along the lines of brie or camembert—encase a creamy, pudding-like paste that tastes of cauliflower, truffles, and barnyard.

St. Germain from Blakesville Creamery - Port Washington, WI

Blakesville Creamery is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in southeastern Wisconsin, and head cheesemaker Veronica Pedraza transforms the milk of their herd into a delectable array of soft-ripened and aged goat’s milk cheeses. St Germain is a goat's milk tomme (tomme refers to medium-aged, semi-firm cheeses with rustic natural rinds) with a delicate, nutty, earthy and floral flavor. This cheese will win over even those who are most skeptical goat cheese with its mellow musky milky vibes.

Three Milk Gouda from Old Chatham Creamery - Groton, NY

Old Chatham Creamery was founded in 1993 by Nancy and Tom Clark in the beautiful and historic village of Old Chatham, New York. The farm began as a 600 acre sheep dairy, and it soon became the largest sheep dairy in the United States - producing an award-winning line of cheeses and yogurts. Recently the creamery has expanded its herd to goats and cows, and this special gouda, which isn't available for normal retail sale from Saxelby Cheesemongers, contains milks from all three animals! A dense and buttery cheese with nutty notes of cream that's just begun to caramelize, and a tangy finish.

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