March 2023 Cheese of the Month Club Selections

Saxelby cheese of the month club

The March shipment of our monthly cheese club celebrates American legacy cheesemakers: each of these cheeses are made by some of the oldest names in American artisan cheesemaking! Read on to learn about this month's selections and sign up to have this month's club shipped straight to your door!


Wischago from Hidden Springs Creamery - Westby, WI

From an 18-year-old artisan creamery in Wisconsin comes Wischago, a Manchego-style cheese made by Hidden Springs Creamery! This firm, nutty, and fruity sheep's milk specimen from cheesemaker veteran Brenda Jensen would make any Spaniard proud. The wheels are coated in wax in the traditional way and aged for 6-7 months. During their maturation, Wischago develops a rich, meaty flavor that is brightened by notes of fermented fruit and salt.

Ashbrook from Spring Brook Farm - Reading, VT

The team at Spring Brook Farm have been making incredible Alpine style cheese since 2007. When FDA decided to blacklist raw milk, Alpine style Morbier cheese from France, we cheesemongers nearly cried. Little did we know that Spring Brook Farm was working behind the scenes to craft a new American artisan original that can go toe to toe with the French! Ashbrook is supple and creamy in texture, and the flavor is fruity and funky with just a hint of vegetal sourness. In homage to Morbier, each wheel contains a line of vegetable ash (maritime pine ash if you’d really like to know!) running through the center of the paste and is aged for at least 3 months by Spring Brook Farm.

Calderwood from Jasper Hill Farm - Greensboro, VT

Since first making cheese Jasper Hill Farm in 2003, Andy and Mateo Kehler have become leaders of the American artisan cheese movement. Calderwood is a hay-ripened raw cow’s milk cheese made exclusively for Saxelby Cheesemongers by the Jasper Hill crew. The genesis for Calderwood came from a desire to explore how what the cows eat impacts the finished cheese—both in the superior milk quality that comes from grass fed cows, but also through affinage. The wheels are washed with brine for six months before being coated in finely chopped fibers of hay and aged for an additional four to five months. Ripe Calderwood is firm, nutty, and complex with hints of earth, caramel, chestnut honey, toasted bread and tropical fruit.

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