Cato Corner Farm

Colchester, Connecticut

Cato Corner Farm is a mother-and-son-owned farmstead dairy and creamery located in southeastern Connecticut. Liz McAlister dabbled in raising different animals on her farm - goats, cows, chickens, and sheep - but in order to make the farm financially viable and sustainable, she turned to making raw cows' milk cheese in 1997. Cheese being a value-added product, she could essentially charge a fair price for the quality of milk she was making, and the labor that goes into making great cheese and maintaining a sustainable farm.

Her son Mark Gillman joined the business in 1999, and he is now the head cheesemaker, while Liz is the steward of the herd. They milk 45 cows, mostly Jerseys, and one Brown Swiss, but are introducing some Normande genetics to diversif. . . Show More >

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