Nettle Meadow Farm

Thurman, New York

Nettle Meadow Farm is a goat and sheep dairy located at the southernmost reaches of the Adirondack Mountains in New York, and was founded in 1990. Owners Sheila Flanagan and Lorraine Lambiase both left behind 'traditional' careers in favor of farming, cheesemaking, and all of the joys and challenges that come along with both. The farm is now home to over 300 goats and dozens of sheep. In addition to making wonderful cheeses, Nettle Meadow Farm is a bit of a sanctuary for animals - their retired goats and sheep live out tranquil lives on the farm, animals they have rescued over the years have a safe harbor there, and all of the animals - be they working dairy animals or not, are tended to with the utmost care.

Goats outside of red barn at Nettle Meadow Farm

Photo Credits: Nettle Meadow Farm

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