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A perfectly pungent little square of washed rind cheese from Martha’s Vineyard. Yeasty, lactic, and fruity when young - as it matures it takes on round, rich, briny, umami flavors. The Grey Barn and Farm’s proximity to the sea as well as it’s cool, damp climate, provide the perfect environment to develop this type of salty, briny, subtly funky washed rind cheese inspired by similar cheeses from northern France. The organic milk for Prufrock comes from The Grey Barn’s herd of twenty five grass fed cows and the deep, rich, nuanced flavor is a true testament to the fact that all great cheese begins with great milk. Pairing notes: Crisp acidic white wines like Chenin Blanc and Gewurztraminer, medium bodied red wines like nebbiolo and Cabernet Franc, dry cider, Belgian-style trappist ales

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