Champlain Truffle Triple

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Champlain Truffle Triple
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This decadent button of Vermont triple cream cheese is both decadent and virtuous! The cheese is made in a net zero solar powered plant from organic, grass fed milk from Severy Farm in Cornwall, Vermont. Cheesemaker Carleton Yoder separates the cream from the milk using a vintage DeLaval cream separator that was made in the 1950’s. The cream is then added to whole milk in order to reach the triple cream status! In order to be considered ‘triple cream’, a cheese must have over 75% butterfat (to give some perspective, butter usually has 80% butterfat!) so the interior is rich, satiny, and spreadable. Champlain Truffle Triple is streaked with shavings of Italian summer black truffles, gilding the lily as it were, and making it that much more delicious!! The cheese is covered by a thin bloomy rind which lends an earthy quality to the otherwise buttery and tangy cheese. 4 oz. Pairing Notes - Bubbles of any kind… (champagne, prosecco, dry cider) crisp white wines like dry riesling, gewurztraminer, bright reds like pinot noir and zinfandel

Pairs wonderfully with Catskill Provisions wildflower honey and Potter's Classic White Crackers.

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