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Pecorino Romano
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Pecorino Romano, or "Roman sheep cheese," is one of Italy's oldest cheeses.  It dates back to the Roman Empire, when soldiers were given a daily ration of Pecorino Romano to supplement their bread ration and replace the sodium lost during vigorous conquering of the known world.  Today, most Pecorino Romano is produced in Sardinia, a feature of the DOP regulation meant to stimulate the Sardinian economy, but Fulvi's cheese is produced in Nepi, Lazio, just an hour outside Rome city center.  Pecorino Romano features heavily in many of Rome's most famous dishes: pasta all'amatriciana, pasta carbonara, and cacio e pepe.  In fact, if you've eaten these dishes at one of Rome's many trattorias, it's likely they used Fulvi Pecorino Romano as well!  This cheese is salty and crunchy with a briny finish. Great for finishing dishes, incorporating into sauces, or adding an umami-laden kick!

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