Cobb Hill Cheese

Hartland, Vermont

Cobb Hill Farm is a farm and intentional community located in Hartland, Vermont. Cobb Hill was started by Donella H. Meadows, a Harvard PhD in biophysics, and a leading American environmental scientist. What is an intentional community, you may ask? Wikipedia defines it as a ‘planned residential community with a much higher degree of social interaction that other communities.’ In the case of Cobb Hill, the community is devoted to sustainable living (in which agriculture plays a big role!), and cheesemaking is one of their communal pursuits. Cheese became a part of Cobb Hill's farming repertoire in 2000 thanks to the help of Peter Dixon, a Vermont cheesemaker and cheese consultant, who helped them to develop their cheesemaking techniques. They now make over 17,0. . . Show More >

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