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Host with the Most
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Nothing says lavish party like huge pieces of cheese! Set your table to impress with this gift box, which includes FIVE pounds of cheese and other tasty things we love. If hosting isn’t your thing but you have a friend who really, really loves cheese then you’re in the right place for them too. This big, cheesy box includes:

Nancy’s Camembert - Serve a whole wheel! Use it as your centerpiece and slice like a pie, this fatty, indulgent sheep’s and cow’s milk cheese is sure to please with rich cream flavors and a mushroomy finish.

Bayley Hazen Blue - An American classic: buttery, salty goodness coupled with earthy anise notes. If you’re lucky, you might catch a hint of chocolate as well! 

Marieke Premium Gouda - You can’t not like it! Every one of these waxed wheels from Wisconsin is studded with crunchy crystals that punctuate its caramelly, grassy flavor. It’ll be hard to not eat the whole 1.5 pound piece yourself. 

Catskill Provisions Wildflower Honey - This New York State honey comes from local bees who have a great diet. With the seasonality of the honeys, everyone gets to taste what the bees taste: clover, apple, and pear blossom in the spring, and chestnut, maple, and asters in the fall. 

Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers - These crisp, toasty, and dense crackers hold up to any spreading or scooping action you’ve got in mind. Oh, and they’re pretty tasty too. 

Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps - rustic, sweet and savory crisps, whose cranberries and pistachios make delightful compliments to any cheese. 

Contains 5 lbs of cheese, one 12 oz jar of honey, and 2 boxes of crackers. 

Please note that if any product(s) are out of stock we will substitute with something similar and equally delicious!

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