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 This raw cow’s milk, washed-rind tomme is versatile and inviting, being just as comfortable on a cheese board as it is in a gratin or on a burger. Its mild, creamy paste is perforated with holes (in the cheese world, these are known as “eyes”), which add to its supple and indulgent texture. Made with the milk of Woodlawn Farm’s Holstein herd, Pawlet tastes like where it’s made: rich, grassy, earthy, and sweet. Washed in brine and aged for 3 months. 

Pawlet was made for many years at Consider Bardwell Farm, where it amassed a dedicated following and multiple awards. Now, following Consider Bardwell’s 2024 closure, seventh generation dairy farmer Seth Leach, and his wife Kate, along with veteran cheesemaker Leslie Goff Tyminski (previously of Consider Bardwell), are making their Pawlet at Woodlawn Farm, right where the milk is produced. Like many things in the cheese industry, Pawlet has become a celebration of cheesemaking tradition, which also embraces community, innovation, and growth. You can taste the love!

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