Hook's Pepper Jack

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Hook's Pepper Jack
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Mild, creamy, and melty, Jack cheese has myriad cooking applications including melting into grilled cheese sandwiches, making molten queso-style cheese dip, topping chili, etc. etc. Hook’s Cheese infuses their Pepper Jack with ground jalapenos, adding just the right amount of heat to counterbalance the butterfat. Pairing Notes: lagers, IPA’s, coca cola, take it highbrow or lowbrow… pretty much everything works here.  1lb block. 

Monterey Jack cheese is an American original based off a Spanish style of cheese that has it’s geographic origins in Monterey, California. For those so inclined, some historical journalism yields some damning facts about the original 'Jack' behind this cheese, but over the years the deliciousness of the cheese has won out over the sordid man behind its name!

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