Meadow Creek Dairy

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A creamy, buttery, grass fed cheese with a snow white, mushroomy rind. Appalachian cheese is made from the raw milk from Meadow Creek Dairy’s closed herd of dairy cows - they’ve been evolving their herd’s genetic line since 1988, starting with purebred Jerseys and introducing some European genetics that are indigenous to the Alps to make their cows hardier and to create the most delicious, rich milk possible! The golden paste is supple yet snappy and has a grassy, buttercream sweet flavor that is attributed to the genetics of the cows as well as the fine pasture that the cows graze on. Meadow Creek Dairy is one of the few farms that Saxelby works with that is purely grass-based - meaning they only make cheese when their cows are out on pasture from about mid-March through November each year. The result is cheese with a bright yellow paste and unrivaled complexity of flavor. Aged 4-5 months. Pairing Notes: Chardonnay, American Pale Ales, lighter Belgian beers, mild Scotch

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