Bluebird Blue

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Bluebird Blue
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A creamy, fudgy organic raw cow’s milk blue cheese from the Grey Barn and Farm on Martha’s Vineyard. Bluebird Blue is fruity, salty, buttery, and earthy, and hints at yeasty toasted sourdough. Each golden yellow block is streaked with deep blue veins and is aged for a minimum of 90 days, during which time the blue mold imparts its signature mushroomy, peppery funk. The cows at the Grey Barn are a unique bunch - a blend of hardy Dutch Belted and Normande genetics, they were selected for their ability to produce both milk and meat. The Grey Barn is one of the few entirely grass based dairies in the country, meaning that the cows rely on the nutrition provided by the pasture in the summer and by dry hay in the winter. Grass fed milk is naturally higher in beneficial omega three fatty acids, which have been shown to have myriad health benefits, so you can feel good about eating more blue cheese! Pairing notes: Sauternes, Moscato, and other sweet white dessert wines, intense red wines like old vines Zinfandel, dark rich beers like Imperial Stouts


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