Boucher Blue

Green Mountain Blue Cheese

Boucher Blue
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This ‘gateway’ blue cheese can make a blue-liever out of just about anybody! The sweet and salty paste is riddled with deep green and blue veins that taste of white pepper, wet straw, mushrooms, and chocolate. The texture is firm and fudgy; each morsel has a long and complex finish that will leave you craving another bite! Aged 3-4 months. The Boucher Family, proprietors of Green Mountain Blue Cheese, has called the St Lawrence River Valley home for fourteen generations - nearly 400 years. Pierre Boucher was originally granted an allotment (or seigniorie) in New France, which eventually became Quebec. In the 1940's Rene Boucher moved the family farm to Vermont, and today two of his grandsons, Dan and Denis run the farm, milking 140 Holstein, French Normandy, and Guernsey dairy cows. Dan's wife Dawn, is the head cheesemaker. Pairing notes: sweet white wines like Moscato and Sauternes, dark beers like porters and stouts, bold red wines like Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon

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