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Grade A Gouda
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As a kid, gouda was a red waxed soft cheese that was easy to nosh and came from the supermarket. This collection aims to show how much more gouda can be!  Showcasing three goudas, one from Wisconsin and two from New York, this selection displays distinct textures, flavors, and colors. If adult beverages are involved, rich beer, red wine, and brown liquor all make friendly accompaniments.  

Marieke Young Gouda - flexible and easy going, this young gouda is only aged 2-4 months but carries surprising depth of flavor.

Finger Lakes Gold - Goat’s milk and a natural, earthen rind immediately set this cheese apart.  Delicate but dense, it might surprise those who aren’t sure about “goat cheese”.

Jake’s Gouda - Caramelly and savory, with crystalline crunches dotted throughout, Jake’s Gouda is on the concentrated and rich side of the style.

Contains about 1.5 lbs of cheese and can serve 10 or more people. 

Please note that if any product(s) are out of stock we will substitute with something similar and equally delicious!

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