High Lawn Farm Butter, 8oz Sea Salted

Highlawn Farm

High Lawn Farm Sea salted butter
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High Lawn Farm is a third generation Jersey cow dairy located in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. High Lawn’s butter is slow churned in small batches and contains up to 87% butterfat, making it extra smooth, spreadable, decadent and delicious! Every batch is hand kneaded with Sonoma Pacific Sea Salt Crystals for a satisfying salty pop in each bite! The bright yellow color of the butter comes from the Jersey cream, which naturally has a more golden yellow hue than other breeds of cows’ cream. 8oz each.

Jersey cows are a breed renowned for their butterfat production, their milk also contains up to 20% more protein and 17% more calcium than milk from other breeds. Jersey milk also frequently contains A2 beta-casein protein that has been proven to improve digestibility. 


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