Nancy's Camembert

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Nancy's Camembert
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A silky, buttery, bloomy rind sheeps' milk triple creme cheese that can put your favorite brie or camembert to shame. Sheeps' milk is naturally the highest in butterfat, coming in at around 7% (cows and goats are more around the 4-5% range). That means that the paste of this washed rind cheese from Old Chatham Sheepherding Company is chock full of fatty goodness, melting on the tongue and leaving you craving another bite! The rind lends a slight mushroomy quality to the cheese, rounding out the sweet cream flavor with a touch of earthy-ness. Aged for 6 weeks or more, Nancy's Camembert is a Saxelby favorite!

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Recent Awards: ACS 2023, 2nd Place Soft ripened cream added cheeses all milks

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Customer Reviews

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Joel Skikne
What a winner

This was an outstanding cheese. Creamy, flavorful and a great mouthfeel. A very pleasant surprise.

Bob Holman

Rich.creamy, a true delight

Linda Foreman
So much better than brie.

This is one of the best cheese we have ever eaten. The texture is amazing.

Susan Leclair

I bought 2 for part of a Christmas cheese platter appetitizer and was taken aback when people started reaching over each other to get to the Camembert. There was none left over for me to enjoy🥲.

Nick Defelice
So good!

Nancy's Camembert cheese is really creamy and tasted amazing, with a nice, soft outside and a super rich, buttery flavor that was just awesome. It's definitely one of the best cheeses I've had in a while!

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