Casella's Prosciutto Pre-Sliced

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Casella's Prosciutto Pre-Sliced
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Renowned Italian chef Cesare Casella has taken his Tuscan know-how and applied it to delicious American heritage breed hogs to create what might be the finest prosciutto this side of the pond!!! Chef Casella honed his craft in his family's small trattoria from an early age, helping the local butchers to cure hams each year and caring for them until they were ready to be served in the restaurant. To make this American prosciutto, Casella partnered with Heritage Foods USA, purveyors of heritage breed pork, to source the finest raw ingredients - heritage breed pigs raised on pasture from a network of family farms in the midwest. The hams are cured at a historic curing facility in Rhode Island until aged to sweet, nutty, porky perfection. We think you'll agree - this prosciutto is truly a homegrown gastronomic marvel.

Includes 3oz of sliced prosciutto.

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