Red Rock

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Red Rock
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A new take on two classic cheeses! Orange cheddar cheese meets blue cheese in an epiphany of complementary colors - and awesome flavor too! It is rumored that the first cheeses to be dyed with annatto seed came from Northern France in an effort to appease Napoleon when the French were fighting with the Dutch way back when... (He couldn't get his Edam on the regular. Can you imagine?! France importing cheese from Holland?!) And it is also rumored that American GI's brought that love of orange cheese back with them from France back in WWII. However our cheddars turned orange, it is a cheesy tradition worth celebrating. Red Rock is a brick of orange cheddar cheese from Wisconsin with blue culture and blue veins running through it. The rind is rustic and natural, and allowed to form naturally after the bricks are made. It's a true American original! Aged for 2-3 months.

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