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Vermont Shepherd

verano cheese, aged sheep milk cheese
  • sheep
  • raw
  • vegetable
  • mild
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Verano is VT Shepherd's classic 100% sheeps' milk cheese. The name is due to the fact that the farm now produces two different cheeses during different seasons: Verano in the summertime, and Invierno in the wintertime. Verano is a deliciously nutty and slightly sweet aged sheep's milk cheese from the artisanal cheese pioneer David Major. Back in the 90's, when milking sheep seemed to be just about the craziest thing you could do, the Majors started making Vermont Shepherd. The result of a trip to the Pyrenees region of France, Vermont Shepherd is a rustic-rinded, smooth sheeps' milk cheese, like those crafted by French shepherds for hundreds of years. The flavor is balanced and elegant, with an unparalleled richness of grassy, sheepy notes.

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